• Optical Swing Turnstile: All You Need To Know

    Optical Swing Turnstile: All You Need To Know

    Security is a growing concern in today’s world, with hackers obtaining access to valuable information and intruders endangering people and property. Optical swing turnstiles are an important part of modern building and store security, as well as general access control for venues, to improve physical security. These systems provide a lot of advantages that make them an excellent future investment for any venue looking to invest in entrance security. To solve all of these security problems, though, you should consider purchasing swing turnstiles from a reputable turnstile supplier in Dubai, UAE.

    An optical swing turnstile is an access control system designed to restrict and monitor the flow of people in and out of a specific area. It consists of a pair of swinging barriers equipped with optical sensors that detect the presence of individuals attempting to pass through them. It provides an efficient way to restrict access to a specific location, while also helping to streamline the flow of people.

    Difference Between Normal v/s Optical Swing Turnstiles

    A normal turnstile is a mechanical gate with rotating arms that can be mounted on a pedestal or built into a wall. It is used to prevent people from entering a specific area, such as a subway station, sports stadium, or office building. An optical swing turnstile is a type of access control system that uses optical sensors to detect the presence of a person and allow or deny access. It does not have rotating arms but instead uses a pair of glass or acrylic panels that swing open automatically when someone approaches. Optical swing turnstiles are more visually appealing than standard turnstiles and are frequently used in high-end office buildings, hotels and other deluxe locations. They are, however, more expensive and may require more maintenance due to their electronic components.

    Benefits of Using Optical Swing Turnstile

    Improved Security: Turnstiles can be used to control the flow of people entering and exiting a building. This protects against potential dangers while also providing an effective way of tracking employee attendance. Turnstiles also give building managers more control over who is allowed in by restricting access to authorized personnel only. Turnstiles make it easier to detect potential intruders who may be attempting to enter the facility without permission.

    Time & Money Saving: Turnstile installations are essential for modern building security and access control. They provide an efficient and secure way to manage the flow of people in and out of a building, reducing long lines and waiting times. They also reduce the need for physical guards, cost savings and improve overall building security.

    Data-Driven: Modern turnstiles are a useful tool for data collection, as they can connect credentials with payment methods and monitor and limit access. They can also display peak hours and average time spent on an activity, allowing facility managers and executives to understand and analyze client behavior to improve their goods and services.

    Monitor Customer Traffic: Turnstiles are important for places like amusement parks, fairs, and sporting arenas, as they allow only one patron in at a time and count how many times people have accessed them. This is especially important for places like amusement parks, fairs, and sporting arenas, as it ensures no over-crowdedness. At businesses, turnstiles can help keep track of employees and their work hours, and on school campuses, they can help keep track of students’ whereabouts to ensure they are attending class.

    Some of the applications of optical swing turnstile:

    Optical Swing Turnstiles are used to restrict access to authorized personnel only, improving security and providing a sense of safety to building occupants. They help prevent unauthorized access, improve security, and provide a sense of safety.

    Turnstiles can be used to manage crowds at events and venues, controlling the flow of people, preventing overcrowding, and ensuring safety. They help to control the flow of people and prevent overcrowding.

    Optical Swing Turnstiles can be integrated with time and attendance tracking systems to record employee entry and exit times, improving payroll accuracy and preventing time theft.

    These can be used in sensitive areas to restrict access to authorized personnel only, improving security and protecting valuable assets. They help to prevent unauthorized access, improve security, and protect valuable assets.

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