• Best Enrollment Readers in Dubai

    Best Enrollment Readers in Dubai

    LogitMe provide complete Auto Identification Solutions in Dubai, UAE and offer Best Enrollment Readers in Dubai. We are one of the fastest growing companies which provides complete Auto Identification Solutions in Dubai, UAE. We help businesses become more efficient by incorporating quality automation solutions into their processes such as ID Card Issuance System, Time & Attendance System, Access Control System and Softwares. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE and recognized as the most respected and professionally managed Auto Identifications solutions company.

    OMNIKEY 3121
    OMNIKEY® 3121. is a high-performance smart card reader USB connected for desktop use with multiple standing options in a robust housing. The OMNIKEY® 3121 is an easy-to-install USB card reader suited for all contact smart card operations like online-banking or digital signature applications.

    The M301 M-Series desktop sensor is a stand-alone biometrics reader that can easily be attached to a host PC or intelligent controller via a standard USB cable. This device utilizes the same multispectral imaging technology deployed in our M-Series sensor modules and is able to deliver the same world-class performance.
    The M301 reader can be configured to support several modes of operation. Device installation and operation is simple and easy. Once connected, high-quality 500 dpi images or templates can be swiftly and consistently delivered to the host PC or controller. Both enrollment and user authentication can be done on the very same device.

    The Hamster Plus is one of the popular and versatile fingerprint reader, with Auto-On and Smart Capture. Featuring a comfortable, ergonomic design, The Hamster Plus is built with the industry’s most rugged and advanced optical sensor using patented SEIR fingerprint bio metric technology. The Hamster Plus can be used for authentication, identification and verification functions that let your fingerprints act like digital passwords that cannot be lost, forgotten or stolen.

    The ATOM® Document Reader from Logit Me is a state-of-the-art multi-illumination eMRTD reader. Representing a major leap forward in aesthetic design with dramatically improved performance, this device sets the ID document reader standard for years to come!
    Its innovative design enables the capture of multiple high-resolution, uncompressed images (Visible, IR & UV). In comparison to existing scanners, the transaction time is significantly reduced delivering greater productivity and cost savings.