• VIRDI AC-7000 Features

    VIRDI AC-7000 Features

    VIRDI AC-7000 is the latest access controller with fake finger detection and a tilt camera which automatically detects a face within 3m. Its 5″ touch LCD and familiar UI such as Android smartphone Apps greatly enhance user convenience.

    The AC 7000 is an high-end dual Facial en Fingerprint bio metric authentication and verification system with built -in 125KHz and 13,5MHz card reader. Based on Android architecture it releases the power of a 1GHz Quad Core processor and 2GB of memory which is expandable via SD Card.

    The AC 7000 is a dual Fingerprint and Face Recognition Terminal.It is a high-end access control & time recording terminal. Standard features include: Android Operating System, large touch TFT LCD screen, Virdi’s patented biometric scanner with live + fake finger detection & auto scan, RFID or Mifare card reader, up to 60 function keys, Wiegand interface (both IN & OUT), lock relay, door status monitor, alarm interface, RS485 Secure Transmission Protocol (STP) / RS232 port and TCP/IP interface, can handle 250 000 users, 250 000 fingerprint templates, 60 000 facial templates, stores 2 000 000 transactions. The AC 7000 can operate as a standalone device or be managed via a PC/Server.


    Users Capacity : 10,000 Faces & 2,50,000 Fingerprints
    Transaction Storage Capacity : 10,00,000 Logs & 20,000 Image Logs
    Communication : TCP/IP, Wiegand, RS 485, RS 232
    Patented Fake Finger Detection
    Auto Tilt Camera with Face Detection & Recognition
    Auto Face Detection with 3mtr.
    High Performance Face Recognition, 1:1000 authentication in less than 1 second
    5″ Touch LCD Screen : Electrostatic capacity LCD enhanced touch senstivity and improved user convenience
    Android OS : Familiar UI such as smartphone apps
    External Micro SD Card : F/W upgrade, user info and log data backup and upload