• Why You Need to Choose UBio – X Pro Smart Access Control

    Why You Need to Choose UBio – X Pro Smart Access Control

    It is critical to build your business using futuristic technologies. In the case of face recognition time attendance, time reduces manual errors and keeps track of employee theft. Because the facial recognition system regulates every single event electronically, the risk of error is reduced. Employees save time by having their attendance recorded electronically, allowing them to devote more time to their productive hours.

    Virdi UBio-X Pro is the World’s No.1 face and fingerprint recognition terminal. Unlike traditional fingerprint scanners, you can now scan and identify every individual without coming into contact with any surfaces.

    As the leading access control devices provider in the UAE, we at Logitme offer the best access control devices for your business with smart and modern technology. Add Virdi UBio-X Pro access control to your business to make it sophisticated.

    Virdi’s UBio-X Pro, a face authentication system equipped with the world’s highest performance face recognition algorithm,  i.e. matching speed 150,000 face templates in 1 sec works perfectly in any lighting conditions.  It is equipped with a high-definition camera to provide quick crosschecking while maintaining the highest accuracy. Not only the time attendance system, but also the face recognition access control system is also in use nowadays for controlling the access to the premises. Now, it is your turn to secure your premises better.

    UBio-X Pro can be employed in a variety of settings and applications, including a manufacturing plant, a bank, a large-scale integrated security center, and more. In the UAE, Logitme is an authorized vendor of Virdi’s facial recognition technology.

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