• What Do You Need to Know About RFID Card Readers

    What Do You Need to Know About RFID Card Readers

    Presently, majority of businesses and organizations adopting RFID technology, as the outlook of RFID technology is blooming.

    Access control employing RFID technology can be found in a wide range of structures. Residential flats and industrial facilities employ RFID access systems, while commercial RFID door lock systems for office complexes are also common.

    We at LogIT ME, a leading supplier of Access Control Devices in Dubai, UAE, provide RFID Card Reader which designed to be give high-performance as well as security. Our RFID card readers that capture data from an RFID tag and are used to identify, classify, and monitor any assets or items.

    XsPoint is one of the best card readers on the marketplace, including Wieg and output, as well as Bluetooth connectivity. With its tiny and high-on-aesthetics design, the XsPoint EM/Mifare reader is engineered for outstanding performance for Mifare read-only cards. In typical settings, it provides a steady read range of up to 7cm. The reader is ideal for access control applications because it can be installed quickly on walls and doors. Its basic unit can be customized to most common output interface types for advanced key management for maximum security.

    We’re also the leading distributor for Spectra, which provides you the BioStamp 2R, a biometric access reader that’s the perfect blend of quality and modern design. The device is a professional, field-ready fingerprint authentication system designed to control access to sensitive places. It also supports numerous RFID technologies, including Mifare, HID iClass, and HID Prox Readers, thanks to an integrated EM reader. Over the TCP/IP interface, BioStamp 2R can be readily managed, and fingerprint templates can be simply handled and exchanged over Ethernet. This biometric reader promises unrivalled quality, an ultra-modern design configuration, and streamlined form factors that make it simple to install and operate, making it useful in small, medium and large businesses.

    The RFID reader is a network-connected device that can be either portable or fixed. It transmits impulses that activate the tag via radio waves. When the tag is turned on, it transmits a wave back to the antenna, which is converted into data. The data acquired from the tags is subsequently sent to a host computer system via a networking interface, and it can be saved in a database and evaluated later.

    RFID-based access control solutions help to make commercial premises more secure. Allowed members can utilize RFID-based electronic ID badge to get access to secured areas within the property without having to use their hands to submit the card to a reader, allowing them to enter the site with convenience. Simply place your RFID key in close proximity to the reader for a fraction of a second to unlock the lock. Since each card is linked to an individual’s identifying information, it would be simple to track down the attacker if the card was stolen.

    RFID access control systems can be utilised in high-security premises, asset management and storage applications, harsh environments such as mining, extreme weather, chemical and other heavy industries, waste management, and emergency service providing industries.

    Choose the suitable RFID based access control solution for your business whether it is small, medium or large. Contact our team of experts today, for further information and assistance.