• What are the Benefits of Turnstile Secured Entry Points

    What are the Benefits of Turnstile Secured Entry Points

    Turnstile access control system guarantees high security. It restricts unauthorized entries and only allows those who are eligible to get in to the current scenario. Setting up a turnstile in your space would therefore allow in enhancing the security and ban the unwanted individuals from accessing.

    Logitme is the top Turnstile Gate Suppliers in Dubai, UAE who can assist you in securely and efficiently managing your organization’s access requirements. In Dubai, UAE, we are a distributor partner for Tansa and Daosafe turnstile manufacturers.

    Daosafe is one such entrance automation system that ensures the safety and efficiency of the entrance. It’s also simple to integrate with any access control system. It offers a comprehensive system that combines swing turnstiles and full height turnstiles for both indoor and outdoor environments that demand high security, such as airports, construction sites, and sports venues. Since the entire material is sturdy, anti-rust, and water-resistant complete brushed stainless steel, these are long-lasting, strong, and robust.

    Tansa turnstiles have a strong quality-to-cost ratio and are frequently used in access control solutions. They accept a wide range of proximity, magnetic, and biometric readers and work with them. These are built to perform well in both internal and external environments. Custom-designed turnstiles with optional features are available for usage in particularly humid or dusty environments if the relevant specifications are provided at the time of sale.

    Turnstiles which are in full height could represent as a barrier against threats. The large size of such turnstile would disallow the criminals from accessing in the beginning. Therefore it could act as a guard dog and keep us safe from the major threats and theft activities.

    Setting up a turnstile access control system permits the well organized entrance and exit into the provision. Since the entrants could simply show their credentials to a turnstile and they could gain access easily by showing a key fob, access pass, or ID card. If there is no turnstile gates installed it would seize a huge time to get the approval of the attender to get in after submitting the required documents. Thus we could make sure that turnstile gates could eliminate the traffic evolving in the traditional access procedures.

    Turnstile gates could somehow save your very big amount in a long run. This is because turnstile gates are automatic in nature creating a complete secure atmosphere where you need not hire an employee for the purpose of verification. They also make it much difficult for people to sneak into venues without paying, permitting you to minimize losses and increase your bottom line. By substantially reducing labor cost and losses from unauthorized entry it is easy to notice that how a turnstile access control system can minimize expenses and save you money in the long run.

    Turnstiles are usually installed with counters that keep track of the number of users enter a facility and the entry time. This data is crucial for a company’s analytical team. With this data, a company can derive their peak traffic time and the number of people used their facilities daily, along with other traffic trends. This analysis proves to be some of the most important data for amusement parks, subway stations, and more.

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