• Virdi AC-7000 Face Attendance System in UAE

    Virdi AC-7000 Face Attendance System in UAE

    An outdated attendance system would neither be employee-friendly nor give you insightful data on time.

    Are you fed up by handling the attendance record, stacks of time & attendance data, and timesheet irregularities? It’s time to overstep your boundaries and manage attendance in an intelligent way.

    During the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, a scare leads to the suspension of a finger biometric attendance system in offices. Face Attendance System can be the best and most suited alternative solution for the above. Also it takes only few seconds for any employee to register attendance hence brilliantly simplifying the employee experience.

    Here we familiarize the latest access control time and attendance system that use facial recognition technology to mark attendance.

    Virdi AC-7000 Face Attendance System, with dual Fingerprint and Face Recognition Terminal, is the latest access controller with fake finger detection and a tilt camera that automatically detects a face within 3 m. It is a high-end access control & time recording terminal. Its 5″ touch LCD and familiar UI such as Android smartphone Apps greatly enhance user convenience. It can operate as a standalone device or be managed via a PC/Server.

    The unique key features it possesses are:

    1. Face detection in the dark – IR LED Camera that offers user convenience as it detects face even in the dark without any trouble.

    2. Simultaneous double authentication by Dual CPU – Dual CPU provides fast simultaneous face & fingerprint double authentication.

    3. VoIP support – VoIP with improved sound quality is provided.

    Its Standard features include:

    1.Android Operating System.

    2. Large touch TFT LCD screen.

    3. Virdi’s patented biometric scanner with live + fake finger detection & auto scan.

    4. RFID or Mifare card reader.

    5. Wiegand interface (both IN & OUT).

    6. Door status monitor & Alarm interface.

    7. RS485 Secure Transmission Protocol (STP) / RS232 port and TCP/IP interface.

    Virdi AC-7000 Face Attendance System can handle 2,50,000 users, 2,50,000 fingerprint templates, 60,000 facial templates, stores 20,00,000 transactions.

    The face is the new ID – Enjoy a hassle-free, intelligent, and foolproof facial recognition technology that removes the need for clicks, logins, or ID cards. We, LogitMe Fzco, deliver the next-gen employee experience aligned to the changing needs of an organization.