• Touch-less Access Control for a Smart & Safe Hospital

    Touch-less Access Control for a Smart & Safe Hospital

    Healthcare facilities are the most risk-prone areas due to the pandemic and even before it. They may face the greatest safety problems because to the enormous number of medical professionals and patients. Congestion created by people posing to scan the ID or enter their keycode, on the other hand, was becoming a barrier to social distancing programs. As a result, touch-less access control evolved swiftly in demand and becoming a critical component of security management and pandemic response across all industries. A touch-less access control system eliminates the need to touch the machine, making it easier for doctors, nurses, and other employees to enter a room by simply waving their smartphones and gaining access.

    It also incorporates health screening solutions that enable organizations to build and implement healthy environments that safeguard people. Social distancing monitoring, contact tracing, and mask detection technology can be utilized to prioritize public health.

    Using a Bluetooth-based access control solution, hospital employees can open doors without touching the control device. To open the door, the user simply waves their smartphone in front of the access control unit. Through email or an app-based link, you can offer temporary access to your guests. It also has an Entry Barrier Scheduling, which can assist limit the number of people in a certain zone, preserving Social Distancing.

    The pandemic aggravated enterprises’ demand for healthy and safe building environments across all industries. Any building can create a risk-free atmosphere by implementing touch-less technologies.

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