• To the Future of Access Control with Biometrics

    To the Future of Access Control with Biometrics

    Governments, companies, and property managers are implementing trustworthy identity solutions as a result of rising security concerns. Even though access control cards have been in use for decades, they are increasingly becoming obsolete as the security landscape changes. Biometrics-based access control is one innovative technology that is filling this void.

    A biometric system provides greater identity protection than a proximity-based Access Control system. This is because a biometric device verifies and authenticates an individual’s identity by using their specific biological details. Face recognition, fingerprint, eye pattern, etc are the several biometric technologies that are using nowadays. Face recognition and palm vein reading would be the most common biometric methods because they are more hygienic (contactless identification), faster, and have a lower false rate. After the implementation of AI-based face detection methods, face recognition is far ahead with the future of security systems.

    Let’s discuss some benefits of biometric access control systems:

    High Security and Assurance
    The physical features of a user are much more reliable than an access card or password, resulting in a safer facility. Furthermore, today’s biometric access control systems are very advanced, and they can provide you with a flexible solution that can evolve with your business’s changing needs.

    Proper Identification
    Biometric features of a person cannot be transferred like PINs, or passwords. So, the authorized user must be physically present at the time of authentication to gain entry. It ensures proper identification.

    User- Friendly
    The internal process of biometrics is purely technical, from the user’s side it is very simple and easy to use. Placing the finger on the scanner and unlock the door/entry within seconds. Additionally, there are no passwords to recall or access cards to keep track of.

    Audit Trails
    Real-time updates make it easier to determine which user accessed which area and when. Furthermore, this audit trail serves as a useful method for investigating irregularities.

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