• Time and Attendance Machines in Kenya

    Time and Attendance Machines in Kenya

    LogitMe Fzco is the leading provider of Biometric Access Control, Time and Attendance Machines in Kenya. With the help of automated time attendance system, schools/colleges and the organizations can keep tracks of their students and employees more easily.

    We supply and install Employee Biometrics time attendance management Systems and biometric user verification solutions. Any major biometric time attendance system company in Kenya will agree that the biggest disadvantage with logging attendance in a book is that employees do not write the correct arrival or departure time and sometimes they also log in their late friends. The most reliable and accurate technique of collecting attendance data is by use of devices from respected suppliers such as Suprema, ZK teco, Safran Morpho by Idemia, Invixium, Secugen among others who manufacture reliable devices for time and attendance systems in Kenya .

    Time and Attendance Features
    1. Automatic attendance management.
    2. Accelerates payroll processing directly from recording machine.
    3. User profile management to ensure a high level of security in system.
    4. Easy to manage and schedule shifts.
    5. Enables tamper-proof, simple & cost effective data collection.
    6. Helps to clarify employee attendance discrepancies.
    7. Scalable and open system with option to integrate with Payroll, HR, & ERP.
    8. Automatically calculates and summarizes worked hours, OT hours, bonus hours, lost hours etc
    9. Client server architecture.
    10. Multi branch management.
    11. Multi company management.

    As a leading provider of the Biometric systems in Kenya, our systems are able to register over one thousand fingerprints and store all logs in the systems database. Like our other security products, our biometric time attendance systems can be advanced by integration with biometric access control systems.

    We advise our clients on the reasons for installing a time attendance system and how it improves their businesses. Contact us by phone + 971 (0) 4 372 4630. Our sales staff will contact you as soon as possible. After mutual discussion we can decide which software solution suits your company.