• The Finest Supplier of High-Quality Access Control Accessories in UAE

    The Finest Supplier of High-Quality Access Control Accessories in UAE

    Are you concerned about the security of your organization, whether it is small or large? The physical safety of an office or workplace is also incredibly important. There are various types of security systems on the market, but their efficiency and quality are inadequate and doesn’t suitable for every business.  For this, access control systems are the best choice of security because it is a method of security that can regulate who views or uses resources thus, minimizing the potential risk of a business. You can further enhance this technology by providing additional security and adopting facial recognition technology to determine exactly who is trying to enter your building. Along with codes or cards, it also acts as a two-component authentication to increase security and ensure better protection for your business. There are high-quality accessories are available for increasing the effectiveness of the access control system.

    LogitMe is the major supplier of Access Control System in Dubai, UAE and we provide their various sections of accessories for the integration of all aspects of a control and security system. There are several kinds of access control systems to protect the range of buildings. Access control products are available for gate systems, building entrances, turnstiles, internal doors, and exits. Typical buildings include schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, medical centers, retail outlets, distribution warehouses, industrial construction sites, offices, and restaurants.

    For this, we provide innovative accessories for access control systems strength. We are the finest distributor of high-standard Access Control Accessories in Dubai, UAE. Among the accessories of access control systems are push-to-exit buttons, electromagnetic locks, and access cards.

    FI – B Gateway

    We are providing Spintly’s FI – B Gateway with its elegant design that bridges the gap between BLE and WIFI. It is a smart gateway that synchronizes the Spintly devices with the Spintly cloud for securing access data and within a mesh network, it will efficiently manage the time of devices. It will enhance a fully secured communication between Spintly Gateway and Spintly Devices, and Spintly Gateway to Spintly Cloud.

    BLE MESH Repeater SMACC SG01

    A scalable way to extend the range of your BLE mesh-based IoT network is available with the SpintlyTM BLE Mesh Repeater. This installation is easy as no wiring is required. Low cost and cloud-based data management make it an attractive option. Low power consumption is another feature of the BLE MESH repeater.

    Push Button/ Exit Button – EBNT/TF – 1

    We are also a supplier of access control accessories for push-button/exit buttons.

    It has a touch-free sensor button and illumination from green to red. These buttons are the perfect solution for hospitals, doctor settings, labs, schools, and factories that require a “no-touch” operation button for Hands-free operation. No-touch stainless steel plate with sensor, adjustable range sensitivity, and timer. Finish with surface mount backbox. if required with safety screws.

    Emergency button/ Pushbutton – EDR – 1

    The free cover that comes with this access control EDR-1 helps prevent accidental pressing of the green brake glass. Easy clean surface and ideal for hospitals and public places. Glass replacement is not possible, but cable access from the side/rear is easy. This access control product is also available in Double pole EDR-2 and Triple pole EDR-3

    Access cards – KP – Card

    we also provide access control accessories like access cards. Using the KP- CARD instead of a fob is an alternative to using a proximity keypad with the KPX 1000 and KPX 2000.

    Electro Magnetic Locks – ML600

    Access control can be obtained with our high-quality Electromagnetic locks. This lock can also be used on wooden doors and holds up to 280 kgs of force in a single version. The wiring can also be set up easily on-site.

    This is the time to rethink and replace your access control system. We will assist you in getting high-quality access control accessories.  Get in touch with LogIT ME, to meet your needs and make the entry process faster and more secure in your business.