• The Crucial Role of Gate Pass Issuance Systems in Security and Access Control

    The Crucial Role of Gate Pass Issuance Systems in Security and Access Control

    Gate pass issuance systems play a crucial role in enhancing security and access control in various environments, such as office buildings, factories, educational institutions, and event venues. These systems provide a structured and controlled approach to managing the entry and exit of individuals and vehicles, contributing to overall safety and preventing unauthorized access.

    Gate pass issuance systems ensure that only authorized personnel or vehicles are allowed entry. By requiring individuals to have a valid gate pass or authorization, the system helps prevent unauthorized entry, reducing the risk of theft, vandalism, or other security breaches. As the best Gate Barrier Supplier in Dubai, UAE Logit Me Fzco helps you find the exact model for your business. Our gate pass issuance solution helps to securely and efficiently manage the pass requirements of your organisation. The requirement of gate passes are crucial in many logistics companies, ports, construction sites and industries among others. Each client has a unique requirement and workflow.

    We’re presenting HuAi access control solutions designed to fulfill the needs of your organization.

    HUAI BV – 2120

    Fingerprint readers are employed for controlling access to physical spaces such as buildings, rooms, and secure areas. This is especially common in workplaces, government facilities, and high-security environments where only authorized individuals are granted entry. HUAI BV – 2120 is an Advanced Fingerprint reader for attendance and access control solution. The main features include as:

    *Finger Capacity: 3000

    *Attendance records: 200,000

    *RFID Type : EM

    *Screen Display: 2.4 inches

    * Verification: Fingerprint / ID card / Password

    *Fingerprint sensor:    Optical Sensor

    HUAI BV N-50

    HUAI BV N-50, Single leg tripod turnstile is the most cost-efficient in all type turnstiles. The most obvious feature is the slim and delicate design (360*260*980mm) to save space occupation. Exquisite and beauty is the most attractive feature in the first look.

    At the top, it’s covered by a high black tempered glass, show up an attractive and impressive character. The tempered glass top cover and swiping card panel is incorporated into the traditional stainless steel design. The combination of tradition and modern art will definitely brighten up our vision and bring an unexpected surprise. The main features include as:

    * Single directional or Bi-directional is selectable

    * Automatic reset function: turnstile arm will lock automatically within 5s (can be set)

    * RFID, Fingerprint and Biometric reader device & Access control Panel

    * Arm material: 1304 Stainless Steel, Dimension: 360 *260 * 980mm

    HUAI BV N-2210

    HuAi BV 2210 is an Ai Dynamic face recognition reader for attendance and access control solution. It offers heightened security, accuracy, and adaptability, making them valuable tools for access control, security enforcement, and identity verification across various sectors. The main highlights include with 4.3” HD 272×480 Capacitive Touch Screen, 256MB DDR3 RAM, eMMC Flash 4GB ROM, 200W colorful WDR+ 200W infrared live camera, and 99.70% Face Recognition Accuracy. The main specifications are:

    * Binocular camera: 200W colourful WDR+ 200W infrared live camera

    *Face capacity: 5,000 (50,000 optional)

    *Face Recognition Accuracy: 99.70%

    *Recognition speed: <0.5 sec, support single & multi users at same time        (upto 5users)

    HUAI BV 2310

    BV 2310 – WDR Ai Dynamic Face recognition Attendance & Access Control terminal with 4.3” Touch Screen, HD 1280*720, Real sensor 1/2.9 inch 2MP WDR camera, Sensor 1/5 inch 2mp Live Camera, LINUX 3.10 OS, and USB 2.0, supports import and export of data.

    *Operating System: LINUX 3.10

    *CPU,NPU : 1.2G Dual core ARM CortexA7, 600G(0.6T)

    *Face capacity: 5,000 faces (20,000 optional)

    *RFID card capacity: 15,000 cards (50,000 optional)

    *Communication: TCP/IP, WiFi, Weigand 26/34 output, Input

    In summary, gate pass issuance systems are integral to maintaining security, managing access, and ensuring the safety of personnel and assets within controlled environments. They provide a systematic and efficient way to manage the flow of people and vehicles while minimizing security vulnerabilities. Get in touch with top-notch Access Control System Providers in Dubai, UAE, to enhance your building’s security to new heights.