• Switch to the Most Flexible, Reliable & Convenient Time and Attendance Solution

    Switch to the Most Flexible, Reliable & Convenient Time and Attendance Solution

    Time and attendance monitoring is an essential part of every business’s day-to-day operations, whether small or large. Manually tracking each employee’s time and attendance is a difficult process, but you now have a lot of choices in the digital age. Comprehensive-time and attendance software can handle it all, from the advanced schedule and task planning to ensuring you have all of your essential resources in place, as well as calculating an individual’s pay automatically and precisely.

    LogIT ME, as the leading provider of Time and Attendance Solution in Dubai, UAE, provides the most versatile, dependable, and convenient Time and Attendance solution allowing employees to check-in using their preferred methods, such as smartphones, access cards, or fingerprints and face recognition.

    Let’s have a look at its characteristics to help you understand what it can do for you.

    Provides Attendance Reports

    It is critical to collect and preserve attendance records in order to determine an employee’s pay. This software creates real-time attendance reports, which can be seen on a smartphone dashboard or sent via email.

    Management of Shift Patterns

    When your company has varied working hours and numerous employees, it can be challenging to manage. It is not economically feasible to hire a management team to handle all of these. Using time and attendance software, you can create many parallel shifts and manage them using a shift roster with a user-friendly UI.

    Leave Management

    With the help of the software, employees can request their leaves through their app and supervisors can accept them quickly on their smartphones.

    Create Custom Attributes

    Regardless of whether in the same industry, each company has its own set of operations. As a result, creating and implementing customized operations necessitates tailored analysis. You can use the software to create attributes that are important to your organization and generate specific reports based on your requirements.

    Various Attendance Methods

    With the use of time and attendance software, attendance can be recorded in a multitude of ways such as access cards, biometrics, smartphone, two-factor authentication, and GPS check-in.

    Time and Attendance Systems not only convert the human action of punching in and out into an attendance report, but they also supply the required data to monitor and evaluate your employees.

    Are you still struggling to find a suitable time and attendance solution for your business? Our team of experts can assist you in every aspect of the process. Contact us or visit our website for further information.