HuAi BV N10

HUAI Tripod turnstile is the simple type, with the lowest price in all type turnstiles. The most
obvious feature is that only one person can pass at one time. And it supports standard
tripod arm type 650mm and handicapped swing type 1100mm for wide passageway and
pedestrian with large luggage can also pass.
HUAI tripod turnstile with unique design, stylish of modern and urbanisation cabinet, typical
swipe card panel, attractive blue LED strip, solid body crate, brushed stainless steel and high-end black painting process.
HUAI tripods turnstile is fined welding, adopt Robot for weld to improve the high
technological level. In case of emergency, tripod turnstile horizontal arms will drop down
automatically to allow free passage when power off. It is suitable for areas with general
pedestrian traffic (e.g.: Hotel, Gym, Building, Shopping mall, Reception Area and so on).



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