• Security Solutions for Your Manufacturing Unit

    Security Solutions for Your Manufacturing Unit

    A manufacturing facility is one of the most important areas in terms of security. The size of a manufacturing facility makes it tough to keep track of the people, visitors, who arrive and exit. So for the safety and compliance of production facilities, a comprehensive access control system is necessary. An access control system keeps unauthorized people out of industrial processes, preventing theft and making the workplace safer. Employees can move around more swiftly with well-installed access control, increasing productivity and safety.
    There are numerous access control brands to choose from, each with its own set of features that should be considered before settling on an end product.

    As a prominent supplier of access control systems in Dubai, UAE, and our comprehensive manufacturing security solutions assure the safety of your manufacturing facility. Our industrial security experts can assist you at every stage of the planning and installation process to deliver a comprehensive manufacturing security solution that solves all of your concerns. We offer a broad selection of products such as Biometric Readers, RFID Card Readers, Door Access Control Systems, and Software Packages.

    During the pandemic, remove physical keys and fobs from your door access. Access control software ensures the safety of your unit. You may acquire access to secure doors, gates, networks, and more by simply using a mobile device. LogIT ME provides the Biot application, which is a cloud-based attendance and door access control solution that saves small businesses time and money. It provides you with real-time data access as well as warning notifications on your phone. With the IoT-based remote access control function, you can also open or close the door from anywhere and at any time using the app.

    To reduce any vulnerability, plant management should consider using biometrics a technique to correctly authenticate the identity of workers and visitors. It entails the use of biometric security software to recognize people automatically based on their behavioral or biological traits.

    Proximity Cards are a great technique to restrict access to only those who are authorized to enter the premises or to allow only certain people in specified areas while allowing others to leave. They interact directly with the access control server utilizing wireless radio frequency identification (RFID) technology.

    We provide the XsPoint – RFID card reader with Wiegand output and Bluetooth connectivity. With its tiny and high-on-aesthetic design, the XsPoint EM/Mifare reader is engineered for outstanding performance for Mifare read-only cards. Apart from supporting major RFID technologies and the option of Mifare, HID iClass, and HID Prox readers, this contactless card reader device also supports Spectra Bluetooth mobile tags. Simply ‘Shake and Go’ to gain door entry via your mobile phone.

    We also offer TwinXs 3s as the most secure door access controller available. It has two doors as well as four access readers. It includes fielded pluggable connectors that make it simple to wire and terminate. With the help of its speed processor, this door access control system can make access decisions in milliseconds.

    Manufacturers rely on our industry-leading security solutions to deliver higher protection for manufacturing processes, as well as improved information management and reporting capabilities. Allow us to help you safeguard your people, property, assets, and production, removing the guesswork from how to protect a manufacturing company.
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