• Our Partners and Featured Products

    Our Partners and Featured Products

    LogIT ME FZCO established in 2013, is a fast growing company providing Time and Attendance Solutions in Dubai, UAE, solution for  Access Control Devices, Identity Management, Human Resource Management and related activities. With offices in UAE, India and Kenya, the solutions have been implemented in many small and medium enterprises that require solutions which are highly customizable.

    Our aim is to provide our customers with the best mix of cost and benefit along with investment protection.  This is achieved with the help of our software platform combined with third party hardware.  Our platform is designed to be vendor independent from the hardware and this helps the clients to reuse the earlier investments if any.

    Our aim can be accomplished only by being ahead in innovation as well as adapting of new technologies.

    Here we are introducing our partners and featured products to help you select our services and products based on your requirements.

    LogIT ME provide:

    1. Time & Attendance Solutions

    2. Access Control Devices

    3. ID Card Printers


    1.Time and Attendance Solutions

    We are the leading provider of Time and Attendance Machines in Dubai, UAE. With the help of automated time attendance system, organizations can keep tracks of their employees more easily.

    We supply and install the best Time and Attendance Systems and biometric user verification solutions.

    We are incorporated with the following partners to supply best solutions for time and attendance requirements in your organization.

    A) Invixium

    Invixium is a manufacturer of well-designed products for Biometric Access control, time & attendance tracking, Home Automation for all industries which are made in Canada.

    The products that includes:

    1. IXM Mycro – Fingerprint & RFID reader, Android 4.1.2 Operating system with 512Mb Flash Memory.

    2. IXM Merge 2 – Quality product with finger capacity (1:N) – 5K templates each, Transaction log capacity – 100K, RFID card reader – Mifare

    3. IXM Touch2 – Another efficient product with finger capacity (1:N) – 20K templates each, 5MP camera in built for audit and compliance, RFID card reader – Mifare/DESFire, HID Prox/iClass, EM Prox.

    4. IMX Titan –  It is a biometric reader, multi-factor authentication with facial or fingerprint/fingerprint or RFID or all Android operating systems.

    B) Spectra

    It is an India Company with highly efficient and technically advanced hardware for time attendance and access control. These are enabled with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

    Products include:

    1. Unistamp 3s – A smart 2.8′′ color TFT monitor comes with a capacitive touchpad for the high-performance Bluetooth access control reader unit.

    2. XsPoint – In most conditions, it provides a consistent reading range of up to 7 cm.RFID cards with Wiegand output and Bluetooth access enabled.

    3. TwinXs3s – Advanced 32Bit/200MHz processor double door access controller. In just milliseconds, the high-speed processor will enable access decisions.

    4. BioStamp 3S – Small TFT display with sleek design. To keep photos of pre-defined events, a dynamic camera is configurable.

    5. BioScribe 3S – Most innovative biometric device by Spectra with fingerprint technology and a large TFT touchscreen display.

    2. Access Control Devices

    Security has been a growing concern for businesses in different industries. Making sure that people, equipment, and information remain safe is a priority. High-quality security access systems or Access Control Devices can help you to keep outside intruders from gaining access to rooms and buildings with valuable office devices and confidential information.

    We have partnered with the following brands to provide the best access control solutions for your business.

     A) Virdi

    Virdi products offers highly advanced access control system that ensures high security. You can manage human resource sector easily with this products.

    Check the products in detail:

    1. AC 2100Plus – It includes finger print, RFID & keypad, 1Ghz Quad Core (Dual), 4GB NAND + 8GB Micro SD card solt, 1.77” color touch screen display.

    2. Ubio Tablet5 – Portable fingerprint/card reader with Android OS and built in camera, patented fake finger detection.

    3. UBio XSlim – Comes with face, finger print, RFID & Pin, Fingerprint – 1:200,000 templates with 5” color touch screen display

    4. UBIO X – Innovative product with 5” color touch screen Display, TCP/IP, SD card, Wi-Fi (optional), RFID card reader – Mifare, EM card, HID iClass/Prox.

    B) Biomax

    Biomax provides cost effective products which is developed in India. It includes a good range of access control products like:

    1. N uFACE 302 – A great mix of top facial verification equipment for both finger sensing and RFID Card technology.

    2. VAX 18 – One of the best access control device with integrated EM RFID card reader with 3000 finger prints.

    3. NBM 20 – Fingerprint access device EM RFID card reader with 1000 finger print and 1000 EM (125Khz) card reader capacity.

     C) Tansa

    One of the best turnstile gate providers. They offer the highest and efficient access control system for all the industries.

    1. SG-WMC – Equipped at the luxurious corporate headquarters to manage workers and VIP entry. The motorized turnstile works with 110 or 220 Vac.

    2. LTT 303S – It has a narrower frame. It is made of stainless steel that can be used internally and externally.

    3. LTOP 501 – It has a straight linear barrier to going in and out, thereby offering a more secure method of access control.


    Leading turnstile provider based on China which offers high quality products and ensures efficient access control system.

    1.DS402 – This is the full height turnstile designed in double-door, and bi-directional passage control.

    2. DS3000 – Flap turnstile is an indoor and outdoor solution for access control at high-end locations such as college, company offices and construction. The system’s throughput rate is 40-45 individuals per minute.

    3. DS205 – Swing turnstile designed for indoor and outdoor restricted areas to monitor entering or exiting. The setting is bi-directional.

    3. ID Card Printers

    Identification cards today are far more versatile than just a basic photo ID. Today, you can use barcodes, magnetic stripes, RFID, and Smart Card technologies on an ID for greater security and trace-ability across many applications. Whether your business needs are low-volume office printing or full-scale enterprise and educational applications, there is an ID Card printer that will meet your needs.

    We are providing below ID card printer to meet all your ID Card printing needs.


    One of the best suppliers of ID card printers provides card production tools and plastic price tag solutions. High-quality printing, encoding and stable card printers.

    1. Evolis Primacy

    This desktop printer is the best solution for issuing personalized cards, from the most basic to the most safe, using advanced encoding technologies.

    These are the major products in our wide collection. For additional details visit our website or contact us.