• Why You need Access Control for Your Business?

    Why You need Access Control for Your Business?

    Security has been a growing concern for businesses in different industries. Making sure that people, equipment, and information remain safe is a priority. High-quality security access systems or Access Control System in Dubai can help you to keep outside intruders from gaining access to rooms and buildings with valuable office devices and confidential information.

    Everyone wants to keep their businesses secure and thus, the need for an access control system. Unless yours is an office comprised of less than 10 employees where you might be just fine with locks, it is wise to install an access control system on your business premises.

    Such a system will curb any security threats, giving you peace of mind. It is common to find an area in any business that needs to be restricted from customers.

    Why You need Access Control for Your Business?

    1. Protect your Employees – provide a safe working environment.
    2. Restrict Unauthorized Access & Reduce Theft – control who has access to where and at what time
    3. Electronic Visitor, History Logging & Muster Reports – every access is logged & recorded. Muster Reports allow you to see who is where in your building in case of an emergency
    4. Eliminate Key Problems – no more keys, you can use swipe cards, tags, fingerprints or even your mobile phone
    5. Customize Individual Schedules – set up time schedules for employees, short term access for cleaners or restrict certain areas – super easy to do with access control
    6. Provide Remote Access – does a contractor need to access building but no-one is on site to let them in? You can provide access to your site remotely and you always know who is coming & going
    7. Reduce Energy Bills & Protect Environment – your access control system can integrate with building management system to turn off unnecessary lighting or heating in unoccupied areas.

    Logitme offers the best Access Control Systems in UAE. Contact us today or visit our website to find out how we can help you secure your business with an access control system.