• N-UFACE 302 – Facial Reader with Integrated Fingerprint and EM Card Reader

    N-UFACE 302 – Facial Reader with Integrated Fingerprint and EM Card Reader

    Access control is a system of restricting unauthorized persons to access certain places and allowing the authorized ones through specific access control methods. This is a part of security since for some areas only an authorized one needs to be accessed. For example, in an organization with thousands of employees, controlling access seems difficult. While having an automated access control can help allow the right one to be in and restrict others. In the case of organizations, these can also be used for attendance management by recording the time of employee access. This implies that using access control systems for your organization can be a simple way of enhancing security and at the same time managing the flow of people.

    Here we introduce N-UFACE 302, a facial reader with integrated fingerprint and EM card reader. It is an attendance device with adequate face, fingerprint, RFID card, and password modes of verification. It is a perfect combination of the top facial verification along with the finger sensing technology as well as RFID card reading. This device has four different verification modes FC, FP, P, and C. User can also use different combinations of verification based on convenience. CPU at the core of this model is a speed demon when it comes to performance. A Linux OS is deployed for a user-friendly interface as well as quick calculative performance. The specialty of this device is the quick back-and-forth operation along with the stability to run efficiently.

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