• KORECEN Finger Vein Reader FV-100 in Dubai, UAE

    KORECEN Finger Vein Reader FV-100 in Dubai, UAE

    Ultra High Performance Finger-Vein Reader
    KORECEN Finger Vein Reader FV-100 in Dubai, UAE, for Access Control & Time Attendance, developed by our own IP network-based technology. It takes 1 second to identify (1:1000) using the world’s best algorithm, and it provides simple installation by supported PoE. Furthermore, it supports a various interfaces for TCP/IP, RS-485 and Wiegand. It gives more reliability as its internal camera takes and transmits the picture of the user. This product provides intuitive GUI and self-identification using RF-card.

    Main feature
    * The first Finger-vein authentification – Use Fingervein + RF card + ID
    * Standalone ( register Finger-vein : 1,000~5000 people)
    * Supply functions to take and save a picture – Fast authentification speed : less than 1.0 sec in 1000 people
    * communication : RS485 , Wiegand , TCP/IP
    * Supply various interface by 5.0” color LCD – low price ? Applying field
    * Construction sites, factories, printings, Time & Attendance system
    * General companies, IBS buildings, the center-concentrated entering control
    * Operate VIP room in security companies, banks, and departments
    * Access Control for institutes and computer rooms
    * Control center and individual entrance of financial institutions
    * Operate members in golf courses and sports centers