• IXM MYCRO in Dubai, UAE

    IXM MYCRO in Dubai, UAE

    Slim. Simple. Amazingly Powerful.Here at Invixium we believe that getting the basics right is the key to success! IXM MYCRO in Dubai, UAE, the base model of all IXM products, has been designed with a comprehensive focus on simplicity and multi-functionality. In addition, the incredibly resilient exterior and Made in Canada construction provide sustained durability. Extremely flexible in its configuration, the IXM MYCRO can accommodate the needs of any application.

    ProcessorIXM MYCRO is equipped with a 800 MHz Cortex A8 Processor enabling instantaneous biometric matching with speeds of up to 10,000 matches per second. Coupled with a 512 MB DDR3L RAM to ensure a seamless user experience, the MYCRO packs a significant punch. The 512 MB NAND Flash memory provides ample space for storing up to 25,000 user records (1:1) or 50,000 biometric records and 100,000 transaction logs.

    IP65 and IK08 Rated

    The IP65 and IK08 ratings make IXM MYCRO resistant to dust, water ingress and even impacts. These ratings are Invixium’s promise to its customers to ensure enhanced durability and a longer life of the product, making it even more cost effective over the long run. All IXM devices can be made to have an IP65 Rating if required.

    Anti-Shock Vandal Protection
    Such a glamorous product can always be at a risk of being tampered with. But as a result of the Anti-Shock Vandal Protection feature, if somebody tries to tamper with the device, the accelerometer inside the device would sense the shock and vibrations and immediately sound an alarm. The response to such an alarm can be customized as per need, such as taking a picture of the one responsible with a connected IP camera.