• Is Attendance Data Processing Done Properly at Your Office?

    Is Attendance Data Processing Done Properly at Your Office?

    As a conventional attendance system, we use attendance registers to monitor the entry and exit time of employees as well as the same system is used to note their leaves also.

    Why waste time on paper registers? Digitize your time and attendance process through biometrics.

    Here, all the time and attendance data you need is live, updated in every fraction of seconds, and 24/7 synced. The system is web-based, which means authorized users can access the system using a normal internet browser and can view the data as per need.

    Paper-based registers and time records are difficult to maintain and have the chance to be lost. The time and attendance management system provides a complete solution to mark the time-in and time-out of the staff, process the data, and calculate payroll effortlessly. Also this system provides 100% accurate payroll inputs to get precise computation.

    Logitme provides both software and hardware solutions for monitoring the time and attendance of the staff. We provide time and attendance machines that can be fixed at the entrance of the office to mark the time-in and time-out of the staff through fingerprint recognition, face recognition, card reading, etc. The leaves can also be noted by checking the time duration based on time-in and time-out of the staff daily.

    Also Time log attendance software can automate the capturing of data relating to employee attendance and the hours they worked. The wage of workers can be calculated and paid each month on the basis of information generated by the time & attendance management system.

    Here are some add-on features of Time Log Software along with attendance management:

    1. Automatic lunch deduction
    2. Data collection at the clock in/out
    3. Punch rounding (in/out)
    4. Electronic data transfer
    5. Hierarchy Reporting
    6. Overtime calculations
    7. Flexible reporting features
    8. Manual Entry for the discrepancy
    9. Employee scheduling

    Go paperless and reduce error-driven attendance and payroll calculations. are here to assist you.