• Invixium Products and It’s Features

    Invixium Products and It’s Features

    Invixium products aim to bring beautiful design, powerful performance and modern technology to the antiquated biometrics industry. All Invixium products are meticulously designed to blend the latest technology with stunning aesthetics and an unmatched performance. Integrated with countless unique features that help cater to multiple security and access control markets including Enterprise Access, Industries, Smart Homes and Time & Attendance, Invixium products lie at the forefront of the biometrics industry. This article includes some of Invixium Products and It’s Features.

    Some of the Invixium devices include IXM TITAN, Touch 2, SENSE 2, MERGE and MYCRO.


    TITAN blends an unmistakable design, cutting-edge technology with uncompromising performance, to create an exceptional product. TITAN incorporates Facial Recognition and Finger Vein or Fingerprint biometric modalities to be the pinnacle in physical security and user convenience.

    Main Features

    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 2.2GHz Quad-Core processor

    • 5.0″ 1080p high contrast display

    • 21 MP main camera with autofocus, LED flash and ambient light sensor

    • 2 Stereo High-Fidelity speakers

    • Finger vein, Fingerprint, Face recognition, Optical sensor

    IXM Touch 2

    TOUCH 2 is a visually stunning, all-in-one, “do everything” machine for smart homes, enterprises and industries alike.

    Main Features

    • Camera

    • PoE+

    • Multifactor Authentication

    • Battery Backup

    • Wi-Fi


    The new SENSE is configured with more processing power and memory and is engineered for maximum customizability and compatibility with multiple biometric sensors to fulfill a broad range of market requirements.

    Main Features

    • Multispectral Imaging

    • PoE+

    • Device Powers Door Strike

    • Presence Detect

    • Single Door Access Control


    IXM MERGE is an engineering and design marvel! With a plethora of features to boast about, MERGE has been designed to speak directly to the heart.

    Main Features

    • Slim Factor

    • Flex Rigid PCB

    • Active Thermal Sensor

    • Android OS


    Extremely flexible in its configuration, the IXM MYCRO can accommodate the needs of any application.

    Main Features

    • 720 MHz Processor

    • Anti-Shock Vandal Proof

    • IP65 Rated

    • All Cards Accepted

    • Panel Feedback