• Introducing HuAi BV-2210 – Ai Dynamic Face Recognition Reader

    Introducing HuAi BV-2210 – Ai Dynamic Face Recognition Reader

    The main application of facial recognition technology is still security measures. In a variety of industries, facial recognition is acknowledged as one of the most reliable and simple methods for determining a person’s identification.

    One of the newest trends in AI is the application of machine learning methods to biometric security solutions. Face recognition, fingerprint authentication are advanced forms of biometric security. Facial recognition provides the secure recognition for hands free access control. Identifies in under a second with toleration to facial angles and motions.

    Logitme, introducing the advanced HuAi BV-2210 Ai Dynamic Facial Recognition Reader Dubai. These face recognition reader for attendance and access control solution. An application for the camera must be installed on any compatible device connected to the camera in order for the facial recognition process to start.

    Face recognition is used in a variety of industries, including banking, marketing, and healthcare. The users of this solution gain a lot of advantages. In addition to reducing crime and unauthorized entry, it assists in identifying terrorists and other criminals as well. Face recognition software can be easily integrated with security software, in fact, integration is straightforward. Thus, additional funding is limited to implement it.

    Biometrics can provide a better experience than using an access card for identification. A card can be forgotten or lost, but your finger or face will never be forgotten or lost. Due to its low cost and comparatively high accuracy, facial recognition is currently the most popular biometric identification technology.

    HuAi BV-2210 is 5000 face capacity access control solution. Its main features are:

    > Face recognition is based on face detection algorithms. Typically, it starts looking for human eyes. This is the easiest method of recognizing and it can be used for single or multiple users (5 users) at once.

    > It is Ai dynamic face recognition reader so its recognition speed is 0.3 seconds and the distance is O.5 to 2.5.

    > It has multi language analyzer such as English, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean and so on.

    > It has touch screen processor with 272×480 Capacitive

    > There is an option to read the face with or without a mask on this HuAi BV-2210.

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