• Increase Your Workplace Safety with Contactless Access Control

    Increase Your Workplace Safety with Contactless Access Control

    Businesses are looking for ways to reopen and remain open safely as COVID-19 shows no signs of going away in the coming years. Owners are trying to find out how to ensure that their workplaces are equipped with modern safety features for staff and visitors.

    A touch-less/contactless access control strategy will help enforce new regulations and improve workplace protection. As a Contactless Access Control System Provider in the UAE, Logitme assists you in securely reopening your office.

    Electronic devices will now open any door without requiring the user to touch any shared surfaces. Touch-less access control systems may use your mobile device or even facial recognition to control access. Touch-less access control can also assist businesses in managing a safer return to work. Here’s how to do it.

    Touch-less Door Unlock
    People who are returning to work are less likely to use traditional touch surfaces like keypads, touch screens, or fingerprint scanners. Users can open the door using facial recognition access control by simply looking at the face reader. The use of touch-less access control to replace traditional access control methods makes the workplace safer.

    Touch-less Sign-In Experience
    Using contactless technology you can easily handle Touchless guest sign-in. Give visitors an email with entry instructions before they arrive. Allow visitors to enter your space without touching something by including a QR code in their email invitation. Share vital health and safety tips with your guests before they arrive to relieve some of their mental stress. If you need visitors to sign papers or have their photos taken, give them the option to do so ahead of time.

    Remote Security Management
    Modern access control systems are cloud-based, which ensures you can grant permissions, adjust permission levels, and alter accessibility schedules from anywhere at any time. There’s no need to hurry back to the office if an employee wants a new key card or is accidentally locked out.

    Link Wellness with Access
    By performing routine health checks before enabling them to return to the workplace and integrating this into the touch-less guest sign-in process, you can refuse entry to people who don’t meet basic return-to-work criteria. If a guest fails to fulfill a health questionnaire before arrival, their access will be restricted through remote credential management.

    Are you looking for an access control system with all the above benefits for workplace safety? Contact us today or visit our website for more queries.