• Improve Your Building Hygiene with “NO TOUCH” Entry/Exit Buttons

    Improve Your Building Hygiene with “NO TOUCH” Entry/Exit Buttons

    People want to secure their safety in this time of the pandemic. Access control will play a critical role in infection control as businesses and the public sector reopens – keeping employees, customers, and the public safe from the transmission. Reducing contact points in an office building, school, hospital, or any other common environment can help people stay safe from infection. In the absence of adequate health interventions, viral infections can spread aggressively.

    Touch-free solutions can minimize the spread of infection by replacing traditional entry mechanisms like push buttons and lever handles. Being a major supplier for access control systems in Dubai, UAE we are also a supplier for access control related accessories like Touch-Free Entry/Exit Buttons. This is a transformation that is easy to set up and cost-effective.

    EBNT/TF-1 is a stainless steel touch-free exit button, which is ideal for hospitals, doctor surgeries, laboratories, schools, factories, and more, where a “NO TOUCH” operation button is required. It offers a hands-free operation which ensures a healthy and safe environment that is essential for nowadays. It comes with a no-touch stainless steel plate with a sensor, adjustable range sensitivity, and timer. Complete with surface mount backbox if required with security screws. The sensor can be adjusted, and it can be surface or flush-fitted. It is ideal for general/sensitive locations because it reflects how people move through and use it. Illumination Green to Red makes the sensor instantly appealing and easy to identify.

    A person needs just wave or gesture their hand in front of the infrared sensor at a customizable detection range to activate the touch-free Button. The gadget will detect this motion, which will be shown by dual-color status LED lights, and then open the door for an adjustable period without the person having to press the button.

    Contactless technology can be used in combination with other hygiene procedures to help prevent the spread of infection. Logitme, which provides the best Access Control Devices in UAE, can help you take your business to the next level of safety and protection.
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