• Importance of Web Based Attendance Management System

    Importance of Web Based Attendance Management System

    Importance of Web-Based Attendance Management System

    The attendance management system holds great relevance while talking about the aspects of productivity at the workplace and the profitability of an organization. Tracking employee attendance can help a company grow and prosper in its respective business domain. It further ensures the efficiency and smooth operations of the organization.

    Earlier, the employee attendance was recorded either manually using pen and paper or in excel spreadsheets on the computer systems, it was not so easy to identify the proper time duration of working by the employees. With the delay in access to metrics on attendance in legacy, there was always a negative impact on the productivity of the employee in question, the respective department and the organization as a whole.

    Now, even in the case of small business organizations, the attendance system is changed to a Web-based management system. Only an efficient and effective online attendance management system can help the employer to learn how the employee is working and how much hours he got in the workplace. This also avails the information based on leave without intimation or approval from their reporting managers or leaving the workplace in the middle of the day.


    1. Capture data related to employee attendance and hours worked.

    2. The data is then processed with payroll inputs which give precise computation of payroll.

    3. Wages of workers will be calculated and paid each month on the basis of information generated by the time & attendance management system.

    During the current global pandemic scenario, the Web-based attendance management system got a huge application since half of the employees all around are working from the comfort of their home. Since, more than a fifth of the world’s population has been under lockdown in the global fight against Coronavirus, sitting idle without working finds no solution. This will affect the whole economy and may lead to a huge financial crisis. Here comes the importance of both facilitating working from home options regarding employee safety and also online attendance management and monitoring systems for the benefit of employers.

    Web-based attendance management systems play a key role in the accurate computation of salary too. Several sectors mainly media and Information Technology (IT) require their employees to work in different shifts for meeting the work schedules and project timelines. Even if the situation is uncomfortable too, these works cannot be terminated all of a sudden.

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