• Importance of Visitor Management System

    Importance of Visitor Management System

    In any business, there is potential for incidents, and improving safety means having an optimized visitor management strategy. Visitor management needs to consist of more than a simple pen-and-paper log book. Traditionally, visitor management has involved customers signing their name, writing the date, and sometimes mentioning who they’re visiting in an offline log book or a simple digital system—but these outdated methods do not measure up to modern safety, security, and surveillance standards.

    There are numerous safety, financial, and reputational risks associated with old, outdated, and disconnected visitor management systems. It’s time to make visitor management software a priority.

    Visitor Management System Software tracks and manages visitors who enter your building or office.

    Appointments can be scheduled through phone, web or through direct means. When a visitor takes an appointment, its details will be entered by the receptionist to the system and it will be sent to the respective employee. After the confirmation from employee, an email will be sent to the visitor to show the status of appointment. Admin can view the total visitor’s count and visitor status from his login. To check into the system, photograph of the visitor will be scanned. Emirates card reader and Passport reader are available for this purpose.

    At their most basic level, Visitor Management systems perform the important task of tracking who is on your premises. More advanced Visitor Management systems can track when guests arrive, limit where they are allowed to go, control the length of their stay and even screen them against publicly available background data. Simply put, Visitor Management systems give you maximum control over the guests accessing your facilities, a key aspect to keeping those facilities safe and secure.

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