• ID Card Printers and It’s Features

    ID Card Printers and It’s Features

    Identification cards today are far more versatile than just a basic photo ID. Today, you can use barcodes, magnetic stripes, RFID, and Smart Card technologies on an ID for greater security and trace-ability across many applications. Whether your business needs are low-volume office printing or full-scale enterprise and educational applications, there is an ID Card printer that will meet your needs. Following are some of the best ID Card Printers and It’s Features.

    A reliable printer is key to keeping any badging solution up and running. Whether an organization is printing five cards a year or 50 cards a week, the requirement is the same: a printer that will create high-quality ID badges and cards quickly and efficiently.

    There is a large variety of ID card printers and options for your application. While their operation has become easier, choosing the right one can be challenging without knowing and understanding the differences and options.

    A card printer is a big investment. With a variety of different printers available, it can be difficult to know if you’re choosing the right machine. Our experienced solutions specialists will work with you to assess your printing needs and recommend the ideal printer for your situation.

    Following are some of the best Id Card Printers and it’s features.

    Evolis Primacy Card Printer

    Speed and Versatility

    The Primacy printer is ultra fast, powerful, and efficient. Using advanced encoding technologies, this office printer is the ideal solution for printing personalized cards, from the simplest to the most secure.

    Available as single or double-sided, Primacy especially meets card printing and encoding needs for medium and large runs.

    Primacy is ideal for producing:

    Transport tickets
    Payment cards
    National ID cards
    Student cards
    Employee badges

    CX-D80 Retransfer Card Printer

    The DNP CX-D80 Retransfer Card Printer will provide high quality cards and is a innovative card printer available for all types of card-issuing applications.

    Product Features

    1. Detachable Hopper
    2. Perfect edge-to-edge printing with glossy photo finish quality
    3. Damage-free printhead by retransfer method
    4. Ideal for contact/contactless card and non PVC card
    5. Single or Double side model available
    6. Highest capacity YMCK ribbon (1,000 images), less frequency of reloading
    7. Electronic (hopper & front door), and Kensinghton locks installed
    8. Smart body & design suitable for every location
    9. Intellectual Status Monitor Program to see the printer status
    10. User-friendly accessories to keep the printer clean
    11. Optional laminating module (CL-600S, CL-600D) connectable