• How to Find the Best Video Intercom Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

    How to Find the Best Video Intercom Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

    If you want to improve security and control visitor communication at your residence, place of business, or commercial structure, a video intercom system can be the solution. A video door intercom that has a camera enables communication between guests and residents, much like other kinds of intercom systems do. In order to confirm a visitor’s identity before providing entrance, tenants can examine live or recorded photos from a door entry scanner equipped with a camera rather than relying solely on voice.

    In order to receive high-quality solutions, acquiring the appropriate video intercom supplier is essential. Choosing the best supplier on the market might be challenging because there are so many options. LogIT ME, as one of the leading Video Intercom Suppliers in Dubai, UAE, offers simple and intelligent security, communication, and property protection solutions for a wide range of industries and applications. We offer DNAKE, a manufacturer and innovator of IP video intercom and solutions that is recognized as a leader in the market. By tightly integrating face recognition technology, Internet connectivity, and cloud-based communication into video intercom equipment, DNAKE ushers in a contactless and touch-less access control era with the characteristics of facial recognition, remote door opening by mobile APP, etc. Along with features like video intercom, security alarm, notification delivery, and others, the DNAKE intercom may be connected to a smart home and more. Additionally, the open and widely used SIP protocol can provide easier third-party integration. One of our devoted intercom system specialists can provide a solution that is tailored to your unique needs.

    There are things to consider when choosing a video intercom supplier.

    Industry-Experienced Supplier: Suppliers of intercoms should be knowledgeable about the intercom solutions required by various sectors. You should choose the finest industry-leading supplier since they will be aware of the demands of your sector and provide the best results.

    Accredited Suppliers: Make sure your vendors are reputable and experienced. They will provide you a variety of options and assist you in choosing the intercom that provides the most value for your money in addition to presenting you with those possibilities. Working with experienced, certified, and recognized manufacturers and suppliers who offer comprehensive after-sales assistance and explicit warranty considerations is also strongly advised.

    Product Certification: In some ways, the length and extent of an intercom’s warranty indicate the manufacturer’s or supplier’s trust in that specific product. Make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions of the warranty certificate and that both the manufacturer and the supplier are in agreement with them.

    Logitme offers one of the best Smart Intercom Solutions in Dubai, UAE. The solutions have been implemented in many small and medium enterprises that require solutions which are highly customizable.  Further to our products, our development team also undertakes customized integrations of software as well as customer specific software development. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more details about smart intercom solutions.