• How does Time and Attendance System Increase Productivity in the Workplace?

    How does Time and Attendance System Increase Productivity in the Workplace?

    The success of every organization is associated with the productivity and efficiency of workers. To maintain the quality of work and productivity, employers need to do various activities. When it came to monitoring employee attendance and continuously managing deadlines and deliverables, there were few choices for companies. Manual ways to monitor employee attendance and working hours are time-consuming, and there are high chances of occurring errors.
    One way of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness in the administration of employees is through Time Attendance Systems. It can help to reduce costs in the long run.

    Here are a few ways to improve efficiency with the Time Attendance Systems/software.

    1. Accurate Time Tracking

    Basically, Time and Attendance machines used to track when people clock in and out. With LogIT ME’s TimeLog software, you can easily track Multiple Overtime management, Work Flow Management, and more. These features are helpful to track how much time is being spent on each task. You will know exactly how long a task takes to complete, it will also help to know which tasks take longer than they should. At that point, you can take measures to improve and gets productivity back on track.

    2. Control over Absenteeism

    The right system helps you to spot absentee, latecomer, late finishers, early leavers, etc. You can use the automated mail report feature for tracking them. You can take this information as proof for managers to have the right conversations with the employees about these behaviors. After knowing the fact that somebody is monitoring my activities, no one takes advantage of the system.

    This can improve absenteeism, and other lazy behaviors, and also boost productivity.

    3. Money and Time Savings

    Comparing to manual time and attendance tracking, automated systems are very effective. Manual ways of monitoring include keeping data on a spreadsheet and various documentations.

    So, we are forced to give major attention and time to these tasks. Especially in payroll, human controlling leads to falling in errors. An automated system gives you accurate attendance data of employees, and you can trust that they are getting paid the right amount for the right hours they have worked. That means you can use your precious time to some productive.

    4. Access from any Device

    Another important feature of automation systems is that they are available on any device including smartphones. By using this feature employees can clock in and out easily and employers can receive updates at their fingertips about job completion, working hours, etc.

    When choosing a time tracking platform, be sure to first understand the needs of your company and make sure that it suits your organization’s scale. If you are a small company, consider having a small business’s time tracking app. For a large organization, they need both time and attendance devices, and software to integrate within it. At LogITME, we have both time and attendance devices, and software to boost employee productivity.

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