• GAUSS Software: The Complete Access Control & Attendance Tracking Solution

    GAUSS Software: The Complete Access Control & Attendance Tracking Solution

    GAUSS software, the most robust and adaptable Web-based access control  and time & attendance management system in the industry, tailored to your needs and budget. It is a category of statistical software. Gauss helps to Support graphical dashboard and user can monitor at-a glance views of key performance.

    We, Logitme provide GAUSS software solution of Access Control Software Control in Dubai, UAE. It support access control ad user can control doors and monitoring events and alarms. In terms of access control software, GAUSS is one of the best solutions from Logitme.

    Features of GAUSS:

    > It aids in defining correct working hours and creating a schedule for each employee, as well as quick data calculation.

    > It makes fingerprint registration easier. It is possible to register a fingerprint USB scanner and subsequently upload user templates to additional fingerprint devices.

    > The GAUSS software can be used to register faces. Registration of face templates can be done even with photographs taken with a web cam on a computer, and user photos can also be used for mass registration of faces.

    > This software can be used to provide easy monitoring of events and alarms with the user’s photo and to display a pop-up window when the user’s temperature is high.

    > When viewing log reports, GAUSS software helps to support exporting data to an Excel file. In addition, it will support account management for GAUSS logins, as well as remote door control, which gives users the ability to lock (or unlock) doors remotely.

    When it comes to attendance tracking, our Attendance Tracking Software in Dubai, UAE. is the finest option. Payroll, human resources, and time clock software are all related to attendance tracking software. For startups and remote teams, attendance tracking is quite helpful. Finally, the program avoids mistakes made by humans while manually entering an employee’s working hours and clocking them in and out. For faster and more secure entry processes in your business, contact our team of experts.