• Features of TANSA Turnstile Gates

    Features of TANSA Turnstile Gates

    A turnstile is a form of gate that only lets one person at a time to pass through. It can also be made so as to enforce one-way human traffic, and in addition, it can restrict passage only to people who are allowed. Hence the turnstile came in action for access control in many places to allow selected people and to restrict the rest.

    A typical turnstile gate consists of revolving horizontal arms that are fixed to a vertical pole. These super-smart gates are typically used to reinforce a one-way stream of traffic or to restrict entry to those who are with access permissions.

    Why TANSA Turnstile Gates?

    Here are the reasons why TANSA should be your choice of access control:


    TANSA has been manufacturing and servicing access control systems and turnstiles for half a century. It exports a wide range of turnstile solutions to over 40 countries.


    TANSA offers special applications for your special needs. There is no need to compromise your security by opting for one-size-fits-all generic solutions.


    TANSA enjoys quality certifications such as ISO 9001. It maintains a sale and support office in the USA for all its customers.


    TANSA is not a large corporation; it is a family company of people that are hardworking, productive, and responsive to our clients. In fact, we thrive being an integral part of your team. Engineers and designers of TANSA are able to provide specific turnstile solutions tailored to your projects, around the clock.

    5) COST

    Our highly efficient manufacturing capabilities allow us to provide you with considerable savings when compared with other brands.

    Features of TANSA Turnstile Gates

    TANSA turnstiles allow free exit out of the site or the building in case of a power failure, a feature mandated by law. If the customer wants the turnstiles to remain locked during such an emergency, such functionality can be provided as an option, contingent upon the written request of the client. However, once set at the factory, the system then cannot be switched back to the emergency-exit state by the client and it remains locked during all subsequent power failures.

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