• Entrance Automation Gets More Secured by Daosafe

    Entrance Automation Gets More Secured by Daosafe

    Entrance Automation is an effective way of providing protection for any property or organization. Nowadays, these are available in stylish designs and varying sizes to match the consumers’ requirements. Additionally, this saves from the trouble of opening or closing the door while entering or exiting.

    Daosafe is one such entrance automation system that provides entrance security and efficiency. It can be easily integrated with any access control system too. Hence the entrance automation gets more secured by Daosafe. Here are a few models of the Daosafe access control system.


    DS401 is a full-height turnstile designed to supply access control solutions in places that require high security. For example prison, stadium, construction site, etc. It is a single-door type with single/bi-directional passage control. LED lights attached indicate the entry is accepted or denied.


    Full Height turnstile DS402 is the secure turnkey solution for events that have high-security requests for instance like industrial enterprises, stadiums, football fields, etc. It is designed in double-door and bi-directional passage control. LED indications are placed to show entry accepted or not.


    DS403 is a security solution provider for both indoor and outdoor environments where high security is required. For example, transportation terminals, construction fields, and sports facilities. It is having a triple-door design means one gate has three passageways. LED indicators are placed to show entry or non-entry. It is having enough space and thus can firmly install any kind of access controller.


    Swing turnstile DS205 is designed to control entering or exiting restricted areas. It’s a bi-directional setting. Its body is very slim and compact, so no external devices can be installed. Its passage width can be extended up to 1200mm to supports pedestrians with large luggage, pram, wheelchairs, and bicycles. This model is very common to be used in supermarkets and shops.


    DS1000 is a super- elegant tripod type solution for time attendance management over access control. Its body is slim and arc-shaped, which makes it unique and can better protect people from crush injury.


    DS2000 is an optical swing type turnstile for security access control purposes. The system comes up with two versions: one is a 600mm passage standard lane and a 900mm handicapped lane for large luggage, trolleys, and wheelchairs. It has a unique arc-shaped body with LED indication to show entry.


    DS3000 flap turnstile is an indoor and outdoor solution to control access at high-end sites like college, company offices, and buildings. The body is arc shape cabinet which makes it safer to prevent people from injury. It’s with LED indication to show entry denied or accepted. Single/ bi-directional is for optional setting. There are infrared sensors for alarm function to ensure security.

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