• Door Access Control Solutions for Large & Small Enterprises

    Door Access Control Solutions for Large & Small Enterprises

    In terms of the rising security issues, access control has been crucial for any company. Protecting the properties of your company is the most important part. Access control system protects IP and human assets. Access control systems will make your employees’ lives simpler, save your money, and keep your workplace safe. It involves limiting unauthorized persons from accessing pre-defined areas.

    Benefits of Access Control System:

    1. Control access based on time, user, and area.
    2. Tracking and control of multi-device and location
    3. Secure sensitive information
    4. Reduce theft and accidents
    5. Reduce energy bills & protect the environment
    6. Get real-time notifications

    LogIT ME’s range of access control solutions is best suited for large and small enterprises. LogIT has partnered with Spectra and S2-Lenel to provide our customers with a comprehensive enterprise-level Access Control System. In addition, it is scalable, versatile, and highly safe.

    Door Access Controller

    TwinXs 3s is the best door access controller that offers high security. It supports two doors and four access readers. It has fielded pluggable connectors, which allows it to wire and terminate with ease. This door access control system can facilitate decisions about access in just milliseconds with the help of its speed processor.

    RFID Card Reader

    XsPoint is one of the best card readers with Wieg and output, and Bluetooth enables access. This RFID Card reader is built for high performance, and it offers a consistent read range up to 7 cm.  It gives all round of protection from dust particles, rainwater, airborne pollutants, and other environmental threats. Visual Indication of Tricolor LED for indication and control of various operations.

    Being a major supplier for access control systems in Dubai, UAE, we supply access control-related accessories such as Biot, Push Buttons, Access Cards, Key Fobs, and Electromagnetic Locks, etc.
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