• BV 2120: Advanced Fingerprint Reader for 2023

    BV 2120: Advanced Fingerprint Reader for 2023

    Using fingerprint scanners to secure your premises like work place, hospitals, schools and other areas is a cakewalk now, because protecting your premises with traditional methods has changed now. Each and everyone has adapted from old boring method to advanced fingerprint scanners to secure the places.

    Have you ever thought of what is a fingerprint reader used for? And, How accurate fingerprint readers are?

    Fingerprint scanners are normally used for identifying the fingerprint of an individual. Security is the major problem now, protecting your work place or premises with the right method will help you protect from person who’s restricted. Moreover, the second concern is how accurate it is?. The studies shows that if you use high-quality scanners then it has the potential to secure your premises in a good way, and 99 percent accurate than any other access control systems.

    The working mechanism of a scanner is quite interesting, because it stores all the data of individuals who needs access to the premises to a particular system. These scans are saved in a database and a hardware scanner is activated by the user who needs access, which scans and duplicates the user’s input and checks for any similarities among previously saved scans. The person is given access if there is a successful match.

    LogIT Me offers the best Access Control System in Dubai, UAE. We are introducing HuAi BV – 2120 Advanced Fingerprint reader for attendance and access control solution.

    Moreover, there are many things to keep in mind when buying a biometric attendance system.

    Data Security is the crucial part of a reader, because each and every fingerprint is unique so check before you’re buying a  fingerprint reader if it’s provide data security or not.

    The software’s dashboards and user interfaces (UX) must be approachable and shouldn’t require staff members to undergo a lot of training before they feel at ease using them. Organizations may make sure that data can be accessible at any time and from any location thanks to the software of the biometric attendance system.

    The HuAi BV – 2120 fingerprint reader is one of the best choices for attendance and access control solutions. The main features include such as

    Fingerprint Capacity is 3000, it can store up to 200,000 attendance records, it has 2.4 inches screen display, optical sensors are used in fingerprint sensors, and more.

    The main specification includes such as

    > Pin capacity: 3000

    > Power supply: DC 12V

    > Communication: TCP/IP, WiFi, RS 485

    > Access Control: Relay Built In

    > Display Language: English

    > Sound Indicator: Buzzer, Voice

    > Installation: Wall Mount

    > Working Temperature: 0 to 50 degree Celsius

    > Working Humidity: 20% to 60%

    Using advanced technologies to secure the premises is popular now, no one is ready to track employee attendance using the old bookkeeping methods. The world is moving, accordingly the technology is improving. HuAi offers the best Fingerprint Attendance System for modern attendance tracking and access control.

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