• BioStamp 2R – The Biometric Access Reader with an Ideal Mix of Quality & Contemporary Aesthetics

    BioStamp 2R – The Biometric Access Reader with an Ideal Mix of Quality & Contemporary Aesthetics

    Spectra Introduces BioStamp 2R which is a biometric access reader with a blend of quality and contemporary aesthetics. The gadget is an expert, field-equipped fingerprint authentication technology, engineered for access control to critical areas. With the help of an inbuilt EM reader, it also supports multiple RFID technologies such as Mifare, HID iClass, and HID Prox Readers. BioStamp 2R can be effortlessly managed over TCP/IP interface, and fingerprint templates can be simply managed and transferred over Ethernet.

    BioStamp 2R is fully protected from dirt, rainfall , airborne contaminants, and other such environmental threats meeting IP65 standards of protection. This biometric reader is a guarantee of unmatched quality, an ultra-modern design configuration and sleek form factors making it simple to install and operate, helpful in organizations of every shape and size.

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    Here are some of the major attractions of BioStamp 2R which make it an Ideal Mix of Quality & Contemporary Aesthetics.

    Every  product in the BioStamp series possess high aesthetics with ultra-modern designs, and the sleek form factors support installing the products directly on the door panels. Their color enables them to blend in with the corporate environment.

    With the help of an inbuilt TCP/IP interface, fingerprint templates can be transferred and maintained over Ethernet effortlessly through the software. The gadget is equipped with advanced registration and template management software.

    As BioStamp 2R is designed with IP65 standards of protection, it is therefore completely protected from dust particles, rainwater, airborne pollutants, and other environmental threats. It would trigger alarms in case someone tries to fiddle with it.

    It supports popular RFID technologies with an inbuilt EM reader and a choice of having Mifare, HID iClass and HID Prox readers. Fingerprint template can be stored on Mifare card to facilitate data portability & infinite number of  users.

    BioStamp 2R is equipped with the most effective fingerprint matching algorithm, this access control device ensures unrivaled accuracy with the best verification output. Auto-finger updates keep track of finger changes over the period and it would register even dry, wet or swollen fingers.

    BioStamp 2R has the field-proven fingerprint authentication technology for permitting smooth access to any restricted area. It has industry-standard Weigand interface support to connect any access control panel.

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