• Best Access Control & Attendance Software for Small Business

    Best Access Control & Attendance Software for Small Business

    How much time and money do you spend every year on physical access credentials? You may be able to substitute all your access control needs with digital devices. Simplify your door access by eliminating physical keys, fobs, and Cards. Access control software ensures complete security for your business. You can simply use a mobile device to gain access to safe doors, gates, networks, and more.

    LogIT ME offers Biot application which is a cloud base attendance and door access control solution which reduces so much cost and headache of small employers. It gives you real-time access to your data as well as warning alerts on your phone. With the IoT-based remote access control function, you can also open or close the door from anywhere and at any time using the app.

    Let’s have a look into Biot’s features in detail:

    1. Real-time Notifications
    Connect your Biot device to the app through a cloud network to receive real-time updates about who entered through which door and at what time. If anyone tries to open the door or accesses the computer, you’ll get real-time alerts on your phone. Keep track of all access control and attendance management practices at your workplace.

    2. Geo-Tagging Feature
    This app has a Geo-Tagging feature that allows you to monitor employee attendance by marking all locations visited during work hours.

    3. User Self Service (USS)
    Employees can easily apply for leaves and regularize their access times using the User Self Service (USS), which has a simple approval process for administrators. This app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

    4. Get Multiple Reports
    It offers a variety of report formats for an employee or a group of employees, such as regular attendance, leave report, payroll summary, performance card, and more, on a daily, weekly, annual, or for a fixed time span. You can now view these reports from your mobile device at any time.

    5. Self-Contained Software
    Biot is fully self-contained software that anyone can set up easily. Configure multiple office policies like attendance hours, late coming, early leaving, and paid leaves.

    Check our website for detailed information on the Biot application. LogIT ME, provides the best access control systems in Dubai, UAE.
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