• Benefits of Using Turnstile Gates

    Benefits of Using Turnstile Gates

    Security is a rising concern in the world today. From hackers accessing valuable information to intruders threatening the safety of people and property, companies are recognizing the need for better security. To improve the physical security of buildings and facilities, one of the best options is often the use of turnstiles to control employee and visitor access.

    A turnstile has several advantages over ordinary doors and gates. They offer superior access control by easily detecting unauthorized entry. The door allows an individual to enter any building or public place and if electric locks and a biometric reader or card is installed and integrated with such passage openings, an authorized individual possessing the necessary credentials will only be able to enter. But no one can determine the duration the gate shall be kept open for. This shall allow for more controlled security and preventive measures against theft and for the well being of human safety.

    5 More Reasons to Deploy Security Turnstiles at the Entrance
    1. Only members can get in, so the attendance and tracking data in your membership management system is as accurate as possible.
    2. The liability risk of non-member injury is virtually eliminated.
    3. They are a visible deterrent to casual attempts at crime and theft.
    4. Their presence in any university building (and their use in libraries and residence halls is increasing) says a great deal about a university’s commitment to keeping a campus and its community safe.
    5. When parents and potential new students visit the rec center, the impression of a commitment to security is tangible and re-assuring.

    Depending on your requirement and the flow of the traffic you can choose the right type of turnstile. You must take the following points into consideration while choosing a turnstile:

    1. Indoor use or Outdoor use
    2. Level of security
    3. Aesthetic need and feature
    4. The flow of the traffic

    Once you have decided on you need and requirement, you can easily choose the type of turnstile and get it installed at your place.