• Benefits of RFID Based Attendance Management System

    Benefits of RFID Based Attendance Management System

    Technology has widely evolved around us. All sectors are using various technologies, according to their business. Here we are discussing the attendance management system which is a very essential part of the workplace, schools, colleges, etc. But people are still unaware of trending and innovative aspects like RFID. This is what we are explaining RFID technology and its benefits, which will help you to adapt this in your business.

    What is RFID? It is the abbreviation for radio frequency identification. This is an electronic device consisting of a small antenna and a chip is used to transmit information about individuals, books, or something between the reader and the RFID tag using RF electromagnetic fields.

    RFID based attendance systems come with tags that can only be read by RFID devices. Once the tags are read all the information is stored on the web-based storage system or the cloud, automatically.

    For example, most of the schools and colleges are using a paper-based attendance system. It is also time-consuming and sometimes so, sometimes this procedure causes mistakes. RFID technologies are used to remind each student entering the classroom and also to analyze the time in the class. Every student is selected by RFID Tag. The attendance procedure can be performed by inserting the card next to the RFID reader.

    Benefits of RFID Attendance Management System:

    1. Convenience and Accuracy

    The RFID attendance management system eliminates all the drawbacks of the manual attendance process while making the process hassle-free.

    2. Security

    It immediately notifies the concerned person about the concerned person’s whereabouts. This is a great benefit to students in schools where it is a matter of student protection.

    3. Easy Tracking

    The RFID tags were designed in such a way that the user can track persons while they are in school or the workplace. The history is also stored in the system, which is helpful for future references.

    4. Real-Time Access

    Attendance data can be easily accessed at any time and from anywhere when linked to the cloud server.

    5. Automatic Process

    No compromise on efficiency, because attendance calculations are quickly automated by this system.

    This integrated framework has effectively allowed all the sectors, especially for school administration to ensure that their premises are accessed by qualified individuals. This helps to improve security and surveillance.

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