• ATOM Document Reader

    ATOM Document Reader

    The ATOM Document Reader from Logit Me is a state-of-the-art multi-illumination eMRTD reader. Representing a major leap forward in aesthetic design with dramatically improved performance, this device sets the ID document reader standard for years to come!
    Its innovative design enables the capture of multiple high-resolution, uncompressed images (Visible, IR & UV). In comparison to existing scanners, the transaction time is significantly reduced delivering greater productivity and cost savings.

    ATOM can be supplied with its innovative Expansion Dock providing either Contact Smart Card reading, Magnetic Stripe reading or both. The elegant ‘drop-in’ design means that the unit can be supplied already mated or can be retrofitted in the field in just a few seconds.

    Border control & law enforcement
    Document and visa Issuance
    Banking & insurance
    Mobile network operators
    Hotels, airports and car rental
    Gaming and casinos
    Alcohol and tobacco sales
    Tax refunds and money exchange
    Know your customer (KYC)
    Know your employee (KYE).

    Ultra-fast operation delivers time and cost savings.
    Captures high-resolution images in multiple wavelengths – Visible, IR and UV.
    Reads MRZ from ICAO 9303 compliant documents including Passports, e-Passports, ID cards and Visas as well as ISO 18013 compliant driving licences.
    ISO 14443 contactless RFID reader/writer supports ICAO LDS standards.
    Operates without external power supply when using via USB 3.0.
    Optional Expansion Dock provides Contact Smart Card & MSR reading, 2 additional USB ports and 2 SAM modules.