• Access Control for Banks & Financial Institutions

    Access Control for Banks & Financial Institutions

    Properly managing visitor and personnel entry to your building is at the foundation of your security system against theft, loss of property and employee safety. Bank environments are subject to all types of attacks; therefore, a strong Access Control Solutions for Banks & Financial Institutions is a crucial part of a it’s overall security plan.

    For financial institutions authentication is really important since the people logging on are dealing with other people’s money and very sensitive personal information. From site surveys to implementing powerful biometric devices, LogitMe offers completely integrated market-leading solutions for banks and financial institutions that comply with your business protocols and ethical business conduct. The largest and most comprehensive range of biometric access control system devices to meet your facility’s custom needs in order to improve efficiency, save costs, and the overall customer experience.

    As one of the fastest-growing companies which provides complete Auto Identification Solutions in Dubai, UAE, LogitMe has been providing comprehensive identity and access control management solutions to a number of banking financial facilities. With decades of in-depth understanding and experience securing many institutions, we have devices and products to help protect your employees, facilities, business operations, and investments so that you can ultimately focus on your bottom line – your customers.

    Whether you’re a large financial institution or an independent bank, physical access is necessary to not only safeguard your customers and employees but protect your assets too. There are certain critical areas that require high security and LogitMe offers a range of solutions. LogitMe’s comprehensive access control solution is designed for such areas that contain valuable assets of its customers such as cash, gold, data, documents, etc.

    We strive to provide you with technologically advanced solutions, differentiated products and unmatched services delivered within a flexible and cost-effective business model offering some of the best values in the industry.