TwinXs 3S – RAC

Two-door RAC access controller, intelligent device fueled with highend specifications.


  • Four Door / Four Reader Controller

    TwinXs 3S - RAC is a versatile access control panel and supports 2 doors or 4 doors using 4 access readers. The controller can be configured as standalone / Master or Slave. The controller supports host of other rule based features including global anti pass back.

  • Data Communication and Protocols

    The controller supports popular communication interfaces viz 10/100 mbps ethernet and RS485. Master/Slave configuration can be implemented over any of these interfaces. In addition, it supports multiple protocols such as HTTP, SNMP, FTP, SSL & NTP. It also supports MODBUS protocol over ethernet for integration with third party devices and software.

  • High Speed Controller with Large Memory

    The controller has high speed 32 bit processor and has a large storage of 8GB. It has a capacity to store 250,000 card holder database and last 500,00 event buffer. Thehigh speed processor facilitates access decisions in milliseconds.

  • Fully Programmable I/O’s

    The Controller 12 Optically isolated digital inputs. All are configurable. Either as general purpose input or door sensors or egress switch inputs. Also the controller has 6 general purpose outputs. Configurable as either as lock control or extra signals. The general purpose outputs are available as potential free contacts.

  • Configurable Reader Interface

    The reader interface is configurable. The controller also supports legacy clock/ data interface in addition to more popular weigand interface. The weigand interface is configurable from 24 to 255 bits.

  • Field Upgradable Software

    Facility to onsite update device software through ethernet interface. The product updates can easily be applied without the need of removing device and sending it back to the service center.


  • CPU
  • 32 bit microcontroller running at 200 MHz

  • Memory
  • 8GB data flash, 2MB RAM

  • Database
  • 250,000 user database

  • Transactions
  • 500,000 time stamped events storage capacity

  • RTC
  • Non volatile real time clock calendar, data retention for 10 years without external power

  • Audio
  • Inbuilt buzzer

  • Ethernet
  • 10/100 Base-T RJ45 ethernet interface

  • Serial Port
  • One RS485 port

  • Reader Supported
  • Wiegand, Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP)

  • Protocols
  • Supports TCP/IP IPv4 & IPv6, SNMP, HTTP, FTP, NTP, SSL

  • Reader Interface
  • Weigand configurable from 26 bits to 255 bits / clock Data

  • Reader Ports
  • 4 reader input, each with reader tamper input, 2 LED control and buzzer control output

  • Digital Inputs
  • 12 optically isolated general purpose input (GPI)

  • Digital Outputs
  • 6 general purpose output (GPO), potential free changeover relay, contact rating 3A/30VDC

  • Watchdog
  • Inbuilt watchdog supervisor

  • Supply Requirement
  • 230 VAC / 115 VAC

  • Power
  • Less than 5 watt

  • Enclosure
  • ABS housing with sleek aesthetics

  • Operating Temp.
  • -15 to 55°C

  • Humidity
  • RH 5 to 95% non-condensing

  • Weight
  • 1.35 Kg

  • Dimensions (cm)
  • 1U RACK (L 48 x H 4.4 x W 14)

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