Spintly Time and Attendance Software

Traditionally, a pen and paper-based attendance system were prevalent. It used to be time-consuming and is also subjected to human errors. It is a repetitive process and sometimes employees forget to check in and check out.

Spintly provides the most flexible, reliable and convenient Time and Attendance solution which allows employees to check-in with their favourite check-in method which include smartphones, access card or Biometric (Fingerprint and face recognition)


  • Attendance Reports

    Generate real-time attendance reports and receive automated reports on e-mail or view the reports on the smartphone dashboard.

  • Shift Management

    Create multiple shifts which can run in parallel and manage shifts using a shift roster with a user-friendly UI

  • Leave Management

    Employees can request their leaves through their app and managers can instantly approve the same on their smartphones.

  • Custom attributes

    Create attributes relevant to your organization and generate custom reports as per your needs.

  • Access cards

    Streamline your Workforce attendance with NFC Cards for a hassle-free, convenient and contactless check-in and check-out experience.

  • Biometric Attendance

    Use Spintly biometric devices to allow employees to check in and check out and verify the identity of users.

  • Smartphone Credentials

    Smartphone-based attendance management solution. A quick and convenient way of capturing employee attendance. Users can use their own smartphone to mark their attendance.

  • Two Factor authentication

    Employees can use their smartphones to check-in with added biometric identity verification using the biometric feature on their smartphones.

  • GPS Based check-in

    Employees can now mark attendance through a GPS enabled smartphone. The Spintly application captures the employee attendance online with the exact date, time and location coordinates.


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