Spintly Access Control Softwares

Wireless access control system that combines cutting-edge security technologies with the most advanced networking capabilities to deliver full-featured security solutions for any type of business.

To secure their premises, businesses of all sizes need reliable, seamless smart access control systems. Spintly has made it easier for many people to get to offices, hospitals, Institutes, residential complexes, and other places using smartphone-based access. Our objective is to help your organization choose the best access control solution, from entry-level smart card technology to advanced solutions like Spintly’s Smartphone-based access. Spintly cloud-based software simplifies the task of managing access to your users.


  • Multi Credential Support

    Spintly supports multiple types of user credentials. Every user can have mobile, biometric, and/or card-based access using Spintly. That means you can make Spintly’s solution as contemporary or conventional as your use case necessitates – or you can let your customers decide. This gives a high level of flexibility to the customers.

  • Smartphone or Mobile Credentials

    Mobile credentials allow users to unlock doors or do a workplace check-in using their smartphones.

  • Card Credentials

    Support for NFC based Mifare and Prox* credentials. * Support for high-frequency Prox will be available in Gen-2 hardware

  • Biometric Credentials

    Biometric Fingerprint based credentials supported. Biometric access control is one of the most popular types of security systems

  • Click To Access

    A secure way to access the door. Open the App and click to unlock the door

  • Tap to Access

    Just tap your phone on the reader to unlock the door. No need to unlock the device.

  • Proximity Access

    Seamlessly walk through doors as long as you have your smart phone on you.

  • Remote Access

    Unlock doors securely from anywhere in the world with remote access

  • Multifactor Authentication

    The most secure way to access the doors with biometric authentication on your own personal smartphone.

  • User and Door Schedules

    Create custom User group schedules and door schedules to meet your security needs.

  • Fire alarm integration

    Integrates with onsite Fire alarm systems to unlock doors in case of emergency.

  • Anti pass back

    Discourage tailgating with a fully wireless Anti pass back feature.

  • Mantrap & Door Interlocking

    Dynamically create or reconfigure door interlocking settings using a software-based door interlocking feature.


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