IXM Titan

IMX Titan–Multimodal & Multi-factor biometric reader authenticating with FACIAL or FINGERPRINT/FINGERVEIN or RFID or all, Android Operating system, 2.2 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 64 GB RAM, 5.0” Corning Gorilla Glass LCD Display, IP67 & IK10rated, TCP/IP, RS232, RS484, USB-AUX, WiFi, Face & Finger capacity (1:N) – 100K templates each, Transaction log capacity – 1 Million, 21 MP camera inbuilt, RFID card reader – Mifare/DESFire, HID Prox/iClass, EM Prox.




  • Presence Detect (Proximity Sensor)

    Helps conserve battery and increases life by waking up the device camera and sensors

  • Corning Gorilla Glass

    Provides exceptional performance and protection due to its durability, toughness and scratch resistance. Also used by top brands in the consumer electronics industry, Gorilla Glass ensures elegance and long lasting operation.

  • Android Nougat

    Android OS on the front end helps keep the UI/UX of the device up to the latest standards, making the user experience top notch.

  • Fingerprint or Finger Vein Sensor

    Two leading fingerprint sensor options from HID Lumidigm (Multispectral sensor) and SecuGen (Optical sensor) and the Hitachi Finger Vein sensor option give you the freedom to select the ideal TITAN model based on the application.

  • High Resolution Camera Assembly

    The 21 MP camera with high intensity LED flash and ambient sensor can perform high throughput face recognition of 15 to 18 users per minute. When not used for authentication, the camera can be used for HD video surveillance or video intercom functionality with DTMF.

  • Mic and Speaker

    Provide an amazing audio and video intercom experience to the user. Additionally, the stereo high-fidelity speaker is also used for audio alerts when using TITAN as an output device.

  • 5.0” IPS Capacitive Touchscreen

    The colossal 5.0” LCD with 1080p HD resolution gives TITAN an awe-inspiring display and is used for PIN access, function key inputs and enrollment from the device among other things. The in-plane switching (IPS) technology provides a wider viewing angle and stunning colors even in bright sunlight.

  • LEDs

    The 2 beautifully crafted LEDs that flank the 5.0” screen provide visual aids to output events. The colors for various events can be configured from IXM WEB.

  • HDMI Out

    Can be connected directly to a monitor via and HDMI cable and can be used for video surveillance. Applications include receptions, security cabins, security gates, etc.

  • IP67 and IK10

    The Ingress and Impact Protection ratings, allow TITAN to be used outdoors in the harshest of environments, with the peace of mind that the elements of nature will not damage the device or render it out of action.

  • PoE+

    One cable (CAT5/6) for power and communication makes installation fast and easy, and also lowers installation costs and maintenance.

  • 60 PIN I/O

    Dedicated Wiegand lines with Panel Feedback to easily integrate into access control systems. Additional special purpose input and output lines can be used for multiple customizations and alerts based on your requirements.

  • Aluminium Shell

    Sculpted Aluminum body makes for an extremely light and sturdy product and defines TITANs distinctive curves. In addition to providing impact resistance, Aluminum also acts as an effective heat sink and makes the design extremely elegant!


  • Face Recognition Capacity (1:N)
  • 100K Templates

  • Face Recognition Capacity (1:1)
  • 500K Templates

  • Finger Vein Capacity (1:N)
  • 4K Templates

  • Finger Vein Capacity (1:1)
  • 1 million Templates

  • RFID Card Options
  • IXM RFID – MiFARE Classic / DESFire / DESFire EV1 / EM Prox iCLASS SE – MiFARE Classic/ DESFire/ DESFire EV1/ EM Prox/ HID Prox/ iCLASS / Standard/SE/SR/Seos/PIV II

  • Operating System
  • Android Nougat

  • Processor
  • 2.2 GHz Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820

  • Flash Memory
  • 64 GB Universal Flash Storage 2.0

  • RAM
  • 4GB PoP LPDDR4 @ 1886MHz

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