HUAI BV N-50, Single leg tripod turnstile is the most cost-efficient in all type turnstiles. The
most obvious feature is the slim and delicate design (360*260*980mm) to save space
occupation. Exquisite and beauty is the most attractive feature in the first look.
At the top, it’s covered by a high black tempered glass, show up an attractive and impressive
character. The tempered glass top cover and swiping card panel is incorporated into the
traditional stainless steel design. The combination of tradition and modern art will definitely
brighten up our vision and bring an unexpected surprise.
The full stainless-steel body is surrounded with dazzling decorative LED light bar which bring
out an aesthetic and distinctive sense. Superior production: Integrated mold production to
ensure the high quality guaranteed. Welding, adopt Robot for weld to improve the high
technological level. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings. In case of emergency,



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