Electro Magnetic Locks – ML600

We are the best supplier of high-quality electromagnetic locks in Dubai, UAE . The ML600 maglock is part of a range of magnetic locks suitable for wooden door types, single version with holding force up to 280kgs. Maglocks are always fail-safe and are used as the locking element within a standalone access control system. They are easy to wire and are adjustable on site.



  • Technical specifications

    Aluminium housing.
    12/24 VDC @480/240mA.
    280kgs (600lb) holding force.
    Built in surge protection.
    ML600-M = Monitored

  • Features

    Fire Tested (30 & 60 minute timber door sets)
    Slim line mini magnet.
    Clean and compact design in aluminium.
    Single LED indication on ML600
    Multi LED indication on ML600-M
    No residual magnetism

  • Suitable brackets

    BK600ZL (ZL Bracket)
    BK600L (L Bracket)
    AH600 (Armature Housing)
    BK600U (U Bracket Glass Door)
    GD600ZL (ZL Glass Door Bracket)
    AB600ZL-DC (Architectural ZL Bracket)
    BK600-F-L (Architectural FL Bracket)
    ADJ600-L (Fully adjustable L Bracket)

  • Dimensions

    250x42x25 (mm)


  • Product Code
  • ML600

  • Dimensions
  • 250x42x25 (mm)

  • Description
  • Slimline Magnetic Lock 600lb / 280kg

  • Description

  • Weight
  • 1.97Kg (Boxed) / 1.13Kg (Unboxed)