TwinXs3s – Advanced two door access controller with 32Bit/200MHz processor, 250K user database, 500K Transaction, 8MB Data Flash, 16×2 LCD Display, TCP/IP, can connect to 8GPI,4GPO,2Lock,2Exit switch, 2 door Sensor, Ext reader port-4.

Spectra’s TwinXs 3S is an door access controller that supports two doors and four access readers. In addition to giving support to global anti-pass back, the controller supports a number of rule-based features. This door access control panel can be easily configured either as a standalone or Master or as a Slave. Its high speed processor can facilitate decisions of access in just milliseconds.

TwinXs 3S, the best 2 door access controller has field pluggable connectors which allows it to wire and terminate with ease. It is a reliable controller which ensures unfailing power supply, as all of its reader ports are current-sufficient even during times of breakdown or malfunction. The door access controller can facilitate on field diagnostics and comes with a LCD display. Its settings helps to program the controller, without the need to attach to its host computer



  • Two Door / Four Reader Controller

    TwinXs 3S supports 2 doors and 4 access readers where the controller can be configured as Standalone/Master or Slave. It supports host of other rule based features apart from global anti pass back.

  • Fully Programmable I/O’s

    This two door access controller has 8 optically isolated digital inputs where 4 are general purpose fully programmable, 2 dedicated for door sensor inputs, and 2 dedicated for egress switch inputs.

  • Compact Controller with Large Storage

    Housed in powder coated MS cabinet along with rugged 5Amp power supply, TwinXs 3S is a very compact 2 door access controller with high speed 32 bit processor and a large storage of 8GB. It has a capacity to store 250,000 card holder database and last 500,000 event buffer.


  • CPU
  • 32 bit microcontroller running at 200 MHz

  • Memory
  • 8GB data flash, 2MB RAM

  • Watchdog
  • Inbuilt watchdog supervisor

  • RTC
  • Non volatile real time clock calendar, data retention for 10 years without external power

  • Display
  • 16 char x 2 line high contrast backlight LCD

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