BioScribe 3S

BioScribe 3S is Specra’s most advanced biometric for attendance. It boasts of a superior fingerprint technology and elegant design with a large TFT touchscreen display that makes it a complete visual treat. Coming with an inbuilt Wi-Fi and an optional GSM connectivity, this biometric attendance machine ] ‘ offers an added advantage of transferring data from remote locations too. This biometric meets all the standards of weatherproof housing. This gives itself the much-needed protection from dust, airborne pollutants and other such environmental threats.

BioScribe 3S is the most innovative, intuitive and impeccable offering by Spectra till date. It boasts of an inbuilt camera to capture, record and process pre-defined events. Also, its alarm-based system is a promise of sharp security when you need it the most. This serves as the best biometric machine for attendance allowing companies to cut on manual maintenance and hard cost. Thus ensuring flawless performance in day-to-day situations.



  • Capture any Predefined Event

    BioScribe 3S has an inbuilt VGA camera that can be configured to capture the images on certain pre-defined events. For e.g. an invalid attempt to access the restricted area can be captured and used for verification.

  • Large Color Display with Personalization

    This biometric attendance machine for attendance has an appealing 4” TFT display with capacitive touchpad. Add your company logo in the specified display area and greet your visitors with multiple personalized screensavers too.

  • The Future Ready Biometric Device

    In addition to the inbuilt WiFi support that enables instant data transfer, this biometric attendance device supports IPv6 protocol making it completely future ready. It supports host of protocols such as FTP, HTTP, NTP, SNMP & SSL.

  • Completely Safe & Protected

    Designed with IP65 standard of protection, BioScribe 3S gives an all round protection from dust particles, airborne pollutants, rainwater and other environmental threats. It also generates alarms in case someone tries to fiddle it.

  • Smart Environment needs Smarter Biometric

    Get distinct advantage of field proven authentication technology with the most reliable fingerprint matching algorithm of BioScribe 3S. Its auto finger update helps in keeping track of finger changes over the period thus takes care of dry, wet and swollen fingers.

  • Unmatched RFID Technology Support

    With inbuilt EM reader and option of having Mifare, HID iClass and HID Prox readers, this biometric for attendance supports all the popular RFID technologies. Fingerprint template can be stored on Mifare card to facilitate data portability & unlimited users.


  • CPU
  • 32 bit Microcontroller running at 200 MHz

  • Memory
  • 8GB Data flash, 2MB RAM

  • Finger Print Module
  • 1 GHz, 32 bit, Dedicated DSP processor with 256 bit AES fingerprint data encryption

  • Finger Print Sensor
  • Most rugged and accurate optical finger print sensor

  • Door Sensor
  • Optically isolated input for one door sensor

  • Tamper Detect
  • 3 axis accelerometer for tamper detection

  • Watchdog
  • Inbuilt watchdog supervisor

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